Working Papers

The Dark Side of Director Reelection Pressure: Evidence from Majority-voting Legislations, with Jeffrey Ng and Hong Wu. R&R at The Accounting Review.

Helping Your Children Soar: Does Public Education Provision Affect Private Expenditure on Children?, with Pei Gao and Xin Zhou. [Paper]

Pay for Future Performance, with Moqi Groen-Xu. [Paper]

Managerial Response under Shareholder Empowerment: Evidence from Majority Voting Legislation Changes, with Vicente Cuñat, and Hong Wu. [Paper]

Informing Adaptation under Booms and Busts. [Paper]

Explaining Downward-rigid CEO Compensation: An Information Asymmetry Perspective [Paper]

The Real Effects of Tax Avoidance, with Mintra Dwarkasing, Narly Dwarkasing, and Jasmin Gider. [Coming soon]

How Does Winning an Award Affect Professional Behavior? Evidence from Analysts Who Become All-stars, with Michael Jung and Hong Wu. [Coming soon]

Shopping for Votes: An Examination of the Proxy Solicitation Industry, with David Yermack. [Coming soon]